Alia Ecovillageでアップサイクルを知る(ヨルダン・りん)

Farm Report Vol.7 Alia Ecovillage in Jordan [English follows]



Visited Aria Ecovillage, which I had looked up on Facebook and was curious about. It was still under construction, but they showed me around.





About 50 minutes by car from the centre of Amman. Taxis are convenient if you don't drive (Taxis are reasonable in Jordan, but tourists tend to get ripped off, so check that the meter is working when you get in)


As mentioned in a previous article about the farm in Salt, the north-west part of Jordan is a farming area. The southern and eastern parts are desert and therefore less populated.


持続可能な暮らしを/Sustainable living

このエコビレッジは、Khaled Shorman氏を中心に「環境に配慮した持続的なコミュニティ育成」を目指してつくられた。訪問当時は建設途中であったが、今は宿泊施設が完成し、海外からの研修生や訪問客を受け入れているという。彼は英語が堪能なのでアラビア語を習得していない人でも訪問しやすい。

This eco-village was created under the leadership of Khaled Shorman with the aim of "fostering a sustainable, environmentally friendly community". At the time of my visit, it was still under construction, but now accommodation has been completed and they are receiving trainees and visitors from abroad. He is fluent in English, making it easy for those who have not learnt Arabic to visit.


The materials used in building construction are recycled or upcycled. The video above shows a building that uses discarded bottles from the city as decoration.


Buildings under construction



Techniques that utilise nature are also incorporated. They plan to build a reservoir and create a water purification system.

Rainwater harvesting is important in Jordan, as the country is an arid region with little rainfall except in winter. Jordan uses less water than neighbouring countries and relies on imports from Israel and other countries. More than half of the water is used for irrigation, so reducing irrigation water use through rainwater harvesting will allow water to be used for other purposes and reduce dependence on imports.

They plan to reuse rain water


picture from Jordanian Museum


They are planning to make composting and grow some vegetables in the near future. They are also actively accepting volunteers from overseas. At the moment there are many areas of bare ground, so I'm very excited to see the changes.



After the mini tour of the ecovillage, Mr. Shorman invited me in for tea. A sofa is placed on the veranda which enable guests to relax and enjoy the view outside. The mint tea and dates were so tasty. 

The eco-village is on top of a high hill, so you have a panoramic view of the whole area. The sound of the azaan from a nearby mosque echoed and dusk was approaching. Now, it's time to say good bye. 

best place to chill at :)